Hey guys! Welcome back to Products Worth Talking About — the show about disruptive physical products and the people who built them. Today is the start of no-shave November, AKA Movember, and in honor of that we’re testing out beard oils. If you’re not using a beard oil to care for your facial hair, you’re definitely missing out. 

We reviewed seven of the most popular brands we could find to determine which one is truly the best. If you’ve never used beard oil before, it’s pretty simple. Just put a few drops on the palms of your hands and rub it into your beard. It makes your beard feel softer and makes it look more well-groomed.

The brands we tried in this video are: 

First, we started with a product review and gave our take on each product — what we liked and what we didn’t like. We scored these beard oils on the following features: 

  • Scent: What does it smell like? How much did we like the scent?
  • Consistency: Is it oily, watery, greasy, thick, or balanced?
  • Feeling: Did it leave our beards feeling soft? 
  • Branding and packaging: Did the packaging do anything for the brand?
  • Significant other approval: What did our partners have to say? 

Just as a side note, we tested these beard oils for about ten days before filming this video. Our significant others weighed in on the scent and feel of these products for a few days, which is why you don’t see them in the video. 

Beardbrand Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review

    • Scent: There are a number of different scents available: Old Money, Temple Smoke, Four Vices, Tree Ranger, Spiced Citrus, and Tea Tree. Four Vices is a combination of different scents, including coffee, tobacco cannabis, and hops — the four vices! Old Money was another crowd favorite. 
    • Feeling: RT scored this as an 8 or 9 out of 10. 
    • Consistency:  For RT, the consistency scored a 9/10. It’s a little oily, a little thicker. Tyler didn’t like the oily-ness of the Beardbrand — he felt like he wanted to wash his hands right after. For Tyler, Beardbrand scored a 6/10. 
    • Packaging: In comparison to the other products, the branding is phenomenal, and the packaging is great too. Beardbrand adds an extra flap on the box to keep it closed and protected. The box isn’t going to get crushed. RT loved everything that Beardbrand is doing from a packaging standpoint.
    • S/O Approval: Our significant others loved the smell. 

Overall, Tyler gave Beardbrand a solid 7/10. The smells were incredible — probably closer to an 8 or 9 — and the packaging and branding made us feel like manly men. 

  • Company Background

We love the founder of this company, Eric Banholtz, and how he started Beardbrand in 2012. It’s a textbook case of branding — he did it perfectly. Back in 2012, he started by launching a blog and then a YouTube channel. He went on Shark Tank and — boom! The brand took off. Eric has around 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, and his followers seem super manly, which is exactly how this product made us feel. Beardbrand beard oils are priced at $29 for 1 fl. oz., which lasts about three months. 

Honest Amish Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review

    • Scent: Pure Beard Oil is fragrance-free. Classic has the same scent as the regular beard balm (a blend of seven essential oils), and Premium has a sweet peppery/woodsy scent from the virgin oils and two essential oils. Tyler really liked that aspect of Honest Amish because he’s not really a cologne guy. He rated it a 6/10. RT rated this scent a 10/10 because it has none. The scent doesn’t distract you — and, if you are wearing cologne, you smell the cologne, not your beard oil. 
    • Feeling: RT gave it a 9/10 for how pure it is. Tyler went with another 6/10 — for some reason, it wasn’t his jam. 
    • Consistency: Honest Amish is, like Beardbrand, a little thicker. That was something RT wants in a beard oil, so he rated it 8/10. Tyler went with 7/10. 
    • Packaging: Whereas the other beard oils all used a dropper, Honest Amish has a different mechanism for getting the oil from the bottle to your hand. And, to be honest (no pun intended), it’s a little messy. As for packaging, the only drawback is that it’s not easy to tell the difference between Pure, Premium, and Classic. If these were on a shelf in front of you, it might be a little difficult to find the one you’re looking for. Both of us gave it an 8/10.
    • S/O Approval: RT’s partner gave it a 5/10 since it had no scent. Tyler’s partner had nice things to say, but that might just be the way Tyler smells. 

Overall, RT was really digging how pure this product was. If you use this product over time, it’s probably going to work wonders on your beard. It didn’t make us feel as manly as the Beardbrand beard oil, but it’s a really high-quality pick. 

  • Company Background

This company was founded in 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the same state as RT was born in. Honest Amish makes everything by hand from scratch using their original recipes. They never use man-made chemicals, fragrances, petroleum by-products or man-made preservatives. They also never use plastic containers. Honest Amish Pure Beard Oil is sold on their website for $13.87 for 2 oz. 

Beast Brands Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review

    • Scent: There’s only one scent that Beast Brands comes in, and it’s their infamous Beast Blue scent. Read about this one in the company description below! Bottom line: this scent will WAKE YOU UP. We both gave this scent a 10/10. 
    • Feeling: The branding is all about the “scent you can feel,” and you honestly feel like a beast when you use this beard oil. “Primal” is the word that best comes to mind. We both gave it a 9/10. 
    • Consistency: It’s about the same consistency as the Honest Amish, but if you use it with the beard balm, it’s super easy to sculpt with. It’s a little thicker than Beardbrand. 
    • Packaging: Beast Brands gets a 6/10 from Tyler. It’s not very exciting, but not offensive either. RT agrees, and gives it a 6/10. 
    • S/O Approval: RT’s significant other would love the smell of it. Tyler’s partner loved the smell of it — 8’s and 9’s across the board.

Tyler was really excited by this oil’s accompanying beard balm, which is great if you have a longer beard that requires some sculpting. Using this product feels like diving into ice-cold glacial waters. If you want to activate your beast mode, this is the beard oil for you. 

  • Company Background 

Beast Brands is newer than both Honest Amish and Beardbrand: It was founded in 2015. Here’s a fun fact: “Beast Blue” is a scent you can feel because of its cool, crisp tingle. It’s like jumping into a cool shower after a hard workout — like diving into raw glacier waters. Or, like sticking your whole head into the convenience store popsicle freezer on a sweltering summer day. (You know you want to.) It’s a little pricier than Honest Amish at $15 for 1 oz. 

Good Hippie Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review

    • Scent: Right out of the gate, RT loved this scent — he gave it a 9. He liked the scent even more when he started rubbing it in. Tyler was less enthusiastic and gave it an 8 or 9. 
    • Feeling: Tyler described this beard oil as “animalistic.” He said it made him feel primal — a solid 8. 
    • Consistency: It’s a little more watery than some of the other ones, and you definitely need to be careful not to use too much at once. Good Hippie gets a 7 for consistency. 
    • Packaging: The packaging doesn’t have a dropper or a stopper, so it’s very easy to pour out way too much from the bottle. That’s a big negative. The cap also almost came off in RT’s bag, which would be a big problem. The branding, however, is pretty awesome — we like that it’s called an “elixir,” and it feels like you’re using a potion. Overall, branding is a 10 and packaging is a 5, so we gave it a 6-7 overall.
    • S/O Approval: RT assumed that his partner would give it an 8; Tyler’s partner would probably give it a 7. 

The overall experience can be described in one word: primal.

  • Company Background

The Good Hippie was founded in 2011 in Austin, TX by a licensed massage therapist who was concerned about the ingredients found in commercial products at most spas. This beard oil is priced at $26 for 1 oz.

Smart Beard Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review

    • Scent: The scent we tried is called Refreshing Mint. It’s very, very minty — like an Andes mint. For RT, the scent was a little too strong, but that might be because he used too much. He gave it an 8/10. Tyler found the scent overpowering: 4/10. 
    • Feeling: Tyler really struggled in testing this beard oil. It might have been that all the beard oils were reacting to one another, despite the fact that we washed our faces after each test. RT wasn’t having an issue, and he liked the way it felt invigorating. RT gave it a 7/10 for feeling. 
    • Consistency: It’s definitely thicker. It’s right in the middle of the other beard oils, not too watery and not too thick. We’re giving it a 7-8/10. 
    • Packaging: The packaging looks high-end, which makes sense because it is at a higher price point than some of the other products we sampled. There’s nice, clean branding that stays consistent between the beard oil and the balm they also sent us. Tyler gave the packaging a 7/10 (“It’s solid”), and RT gave it a 9. 
    • S/O Approval: Tyler is pretty sure his significant other would prefer a musky scent over the mint, so he’s giving it a 2/10 on her behalf. Unfortunately, this sample only arrived the morning of making the video, so we didn’t have too long to sample this beard oil. 

This product really split the team in two. Tyler found it reminded him too much of mint and Santa Claus, while RT found this beard oil to be fresh and invigorating. 

  • Company Background

This LA-based, black-owned business uses science to deliver a DHT-safe technology that was originally created from cancer research. According to the brand’s website, DHT is short for dihydrotestosterone which is the testosterone responsible for facial hair. Facial hair needs DHT to thrive and grow. Smart Beard’s products are formulated to keep these natural DHT-blocking components below 10% — so your products stop inhibiting your beard’s growth. Smart Beard also specializes in custom beard oils for men who need solutions for skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. Their oils are $28 for 1 oz. 

American Provenance Product Review and Company Background

  • Product Review
    • Scent: There are a few different options available from American Provenance — Fastballs & Fisticuffs (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Marjoram), Firepits & Flannels (Wintergreen, Fir, Cedar), Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clove), Shotguns & Shenanigans (Peppermint, Cypress, Eucalyptus). The scents all smell different and distinct from one another. RT tried Shotguns & Shenanigans and gave it a 10/10. Tyler rated American Provenance an 8/10 on scent. 
    • Feeling: It goes on super smooth, and it does leave a bit of a sheen, making your beard look shiny. RT was a big fan of how this made him feel. He did dock one point for the shine factor, rating American Provenance a 9/10. Tyler gave it an 8.
    • Consistency: Tyler liked the texture of this beard oil right away. RT thought it felt a little on the watery end of the spectrum. Tyler rated consistency a 9 out of 10, while RT went with an 8. 
    • Packaging: The branding of American Provenance knocks it out of the park. The names of the scents are phenomenal. The bottles didn’t come in boxes, but the labels are consistent between scents with colors to help you differentiate the scents. Tyler struggled with the fact that the bottles are plastic; For a product that’s trying to be premium, he didn’t love the feel of having a cheaper bottle. He gave it a 3/10, and RT gave it at 9/10. 
    • S/O Approval: RT says his SO thought that the names of the scents were hilarious, so she gave it a 10/10; Tyler’s significant other also liked this one and gave it full marks. 

Overall verdict: This beard oil makes you feel like wearing a flannel and sitting next to a firepit, trying to make s’mores. It would make a great gift! 

  • Company Background

American Provenance was founded in 2015 by Kyle LaFond, a former middle school science teacher. The company originated from Kyle’s concern over the questionable ingredients in the brands used by his students. Frustrated by the chemical clouds of product infiltrating the school hallways, Kyle challenged his students to create their own personal care items without harsh chemicals. After years of experiments and improvements to his own formulas, he launched American Provenance from an updated machine shed on his fourth-generation family farm. Today, the company makes all its own natural products from its southern Wisconsin facility near the original family farm where it all began. American Provenance costs $14.25 for 2oz of bear oil. 

BSmooth Beard Product Overview and Company Background 

  • Product Review

    • Scent: There are a few options for scent, including Simply Smooth, Oh So Smooth, Hypnotic, and Like a Boss. We tried Like a Boss, which Tyler rated a 9.5 right off the bat. It smells really good. RT liked the smell too, but he got a hint of Play-Doh smell too. He gave it a 9/10. 
    • Feeling: RT wore it for three days in a row when he first got a sample, and he can attest that it made his skin feel great. He gave it a 9/10, while Tyler went with 7/10. 
    • Consistency: It’s a little thicker, which is right up RT’s alley. 
    • Packaging: As we’ll explain in the company background, this packaging is really disruptive — 10/10 points for innovation. That said, BSmooth loses points for functionality and scalability. RT gave it an 8/10 as a compromise. Tyler didn’t like the child-proof cap or the color combination, so he gave it five. 
    • S/O Approval: Tyler’s partner gave it a 7, and RT’s significant other gave it an 8 because she didn’t think it smelled like Play-Doh. 

This beard oil is cool because it’s so different — playful and young because of the Play-Doh smell.

  • Company Background

BSmooth is a newer company that was founded in 2018 by Brandon Jones in Houston, TX. He handcrafts all of his original scents himself with a heavy focus on complex cologne scents. BSmooth beard oils are made in small batches with high-quality carrier oils and all-natural essential oils. The cool thing about this product is that Brandon designed all of the product packaging himself, using additive manufacturing (3D printing) to produce it. He also does the 3D printing himself. Brandon sells on Etsy for around $15 for one oz.

And the Winner of Best Bread Oil Is…

We tried a lot of great products today and would use any one of them regularly. But, at the end of the day, one must take the crown. Tyler’s favorite was Beardbrand’s Old Money, both for the scent and for the branding. RT agreed — his favorite was also Beardbrand because they felt so premium, established in the category, and all-around great. 

The Beer Scorecard — which founder we’d most like to sit down and have a beer with — goes to The Good Hippie and to Beardbrand. RT was curious to chat to the founder behind The Good Hippie and learn more about her story. Tyler wanted to grab a beer with Eric Banholtz and talk about all things e-commerce. 

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Thanks for reading! Until next time—

RT and Tyler 


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