It’s that special time of year — the holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to pick out thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. And if you’re anything like us, you’re probably doing most of your shopping online this season (especially due to Quarantine Christmas). 

But, let’s be honest — shopping for men can be downright difficult. Does your significant other prefer practical gifts or treat-yourself gifts? Does your friend like to smell nice, or would he rather have a new pair of gloves for handy work? The possibilities are endless, and sometimes, it can be hard to find that perfect gift. Maybe you just have no idea what they want, so you end up getting them a pack of gum and a Snickers bar — we’ve all been there.

We all have our own specific tastes, ideas, and preferences when it comes to gifts, so we figured we’d make an easy list of some of our favorite stocking stuffers for this holiday season. Long gone are the days when stuffing stockings were just candy canes and chocolates — in fact, some of the best gifts you receive may be stocking stuffers. 

Today, we’re going to look at four different disruptive products that we believe are some of the best men’s stocking stuffers out there:

We hope this list helps you find the best stocking stuffers for brother, father, friend, or significant other this year. We’d love any and all feedback, as well as suggestions for your favorite small gifts and presents for men. Now, without further ado, let’s see what each stocking stuffer has to offer.

MANSCAPED Lawnmower 3.0 Review 

Simply put, MANSCAPED makes grooming tools for men’s sensitive areas. We’re not talking about beards here, folks (although, if you want to find a great beard trimmer, check out this episode). 

They called this trimmer the “Lawnmower” for a reason — it’s for your bush. 

Perfect for maintenance and hygiene, the MANSCAPED Lawnmower 3.0 contains a light so that you can see what you’re up to when you’re shaving. However, there is not a vacuum on this trimmer, so when you decide to do some manscaping, make sure you’re in your bathroom so you can easily clean up the mess. Your S/O will thank you. 

The MASCAPED Lawnmower 3.0 makes the perfect gift for the man in your life, and it can be found on Amazon for $69 (how funny is that?!). This gift is especially useful over the quarantine holiday season. You’ll probably be at home for a few days, and you want to make sure that love is in the air. Let’s put it this way — if you use this product correctly, you’ll have a higher percentage chance of “getting some” over the holidays. It’s a win-win. 

The Social Stick Review

Moving on from men’s grooming products, we have the Social Stick — a tool that is equally hilarious and useful. The Social Stick is a social distancing stick that extends to six feet long and collapses down to 11 inches. During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital that we stand at least six feet apart from each other while we’re in public, and if you’re not sure if someone is six feet away from you, then you can use the Social Stick to find out.  

This gift is perfect for anyone who works in a school, warehouse, or any area where people gather in high-proximity to one another. It’s also perfect for anyone who just doesn’t like people in general. One part practical and one part funny, this Social Stick is sure to get you a lot of laughs at your next community event while also keeping you safe in the process. 

You can purchase a family pack for $69.95 or a single Social Stick for just $19.95 on Amazon. They also come in four different bright colors: yellow, blue, green, and red. These Social Sticks are Amazon’s top choice for social distancing, and they often have them on sale.

Keeping “Karens” away since 2020, the Social Stick is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep you and your loved ones safe during COVID-19 (and maybe just a good tool for personal space in the long run). 

Duke Cannon Soap Two-Pack Review

Next, we have Duke Cannon Soap — soap that makes you feel like a true man. The ultimate soap for male cleanliness and hygiene, Duke Cannon bar soap is literally a “big ass brick of soap” that makes you feel ready for anything life throws at you. If you haven’t yet, check out our episode on the best men’s bar soap products (plus: RT takes a bite out of soap during the episode — we’re not 100% sure why). 

Duke Cannon bar soap screams “high-quality” (one bar is about the size of your face), and the names of the different soap scents are absolute gold:  “Accomplishment,” “Productivity Wins the Day,” and “Naval Diplomacy” are just a few of the amazing scents they offer. The marketing is ingenious — on the side of the package, there are hilarious headlines such as “Not for Clowns” and “Not Made in France.” Every time you pick up a box, you’ll chuckle a little bit.

These soaps make the perfect stocking stuffers for men who enjoy smelling nice but also want to feel like strong, capable men. (Our S/Os like how these soaps smell, too!) We suggest buying a two-pack to get the most bang for your buck. You can purchase a two-pack of Duke Cannon bar soap on Amazon for $19.16. Or, if you’re looking to just purchase one, you can find that for $10.29 on Amazon as well. 

Honest Amish Beard Oil Review

Lastly, we’ve got Honest Amish Beard Oil as our final pick for best men’s stocking stuffers. We’re not gonna lie — Honest Amish Beard Oil makes your beard smell and feel like a puppy or kitty cat (depending on whether you’re a dog or cat person). If you rock a full, lumberjack beard, then you’re going to want to have this stuff in your stocking. 

This is one of our favorite beard oils of all time — and we sampled a lot of them in our previous best beard oil episode. It’s smooth, smells great, and most importantly, it makes your beard soft and healthy. One thing that we especially like about this beard oil is that it’s not overly scented. It’s just a really high-quality oil that does its job. If you’re big into scents, you’ll be able to choose among the three that they offer: Classic, Pure, and Premium. 

Even better, you can grab Honest Amish Beard Oil for just $12.22 on Amazon and it fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking. It will last you or your loved one a while, and overall, it’s just a great gift that makes a big difference for beard health and texture.  

And the Best Men’s Stocking Stuffer Is…

That’s a wrap for the products we believe to be the ultimate stocking stuffers for men this holiday season. While 2020 was a year with a definite focus on health and hygiene, we expect these products will continue to be popular stocking stuffers in the future. 

Now, you’re probably wondering, which stocking stuffer was our favorite? Which ones do we recommend that you order ASAP? 

RT said that he would prefer six feet of protection from the Social Stick (after all, he’s the product inventor!). Since you can easily retract or expand it to 11 inches as needed, the Social Stick is portable and useful in high-traffic areas. It even has a little lanyard so you can hang it next to the door after coming home. Very nifty. 

Since he has a bit more of an expensive taste, Tyler chose the MANSCAPED Lawnmower 3.0 as his favorite stocking stuffer. It makes shaving so much easier with the light feature, and it’s gentle on your nether regions. Again, your S/O will thank you. 

Honestly, all four of these gifts are great, and we’d be happy to see any of them in our stockings this Christmas season. If you have any questions about the products or suggestions of your own, don’t hesitate to reach out on Instagram, @productsworthtalkingabout, and comment under the YouTube video for this episode. Maybe even share this episode with someone as a subtle “hint hint.” 

And if you’re curious about the festive sweaters we’re wearing in the video, look no further than Tipsy Elves — they provide a huge range of holiday-themed sweaters and jackets that are sure to give you a laugh. 

Before we sign off, we have one more gift for you — if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to build a product-based business, check out our business plan that literally writes itself! Within no time, you’ll be ready to pitch to investors and start the company of your dreams. This is a great gift for your virtual stocking this holiday season. 

Thanks for joining us on Products Worth Talking About, and don’t forget to ask your mom if Santa is real. 

RT and Tyler


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