That Sucks! Who has the best Vacuuming Beard Trimmer?

Hey guys! Welcome back to Products Worth Talking About — the show about disruptive physical products and the people who built them. Today, we’re going to put three vacuuming beard trimmers to the test and discover which are worth your time and money! 

If you have a beard, you know that trimming and keeping it well-groomed can be a challenge…and then on top of it you have to clean up all those trimmings. That’s totally a pain!  As bearded men, we wanted a solution for the “clean-up” because nobody likes a bathroom covered in beard hairs (especially not Tyler’s wife!). 

So, we decided to find out which vacuuming beard trimmer is the best. We tried three different tools: the Remington MB6850 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer, Wahl 9870 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer, and the Hatteker Clipper/Trimmer 5 in 1. We’ll tell you a little about the products themselves and the history of the brands, then we’ll put these tools to the test. To keep things even, we drew lines on our faces to delineate the three different areas where we’re going to test each trimmer.  We rated these vacuum beard trimmers on three metrics: Cutability, product quality, and suction. 

  • Cutability: How well does the trimmer actually trim? How well does it handle longer hair?
  • Product quality: How well is the trimmer made? How well and for how long do we think it’s going to last? 
  • Suction: How much cleanup do we have to do after the fact?

Overall, we really enjoyed testing these best vacuuming beard trimmers and think that the suction/vacuuming feature is a HUGE bonus over your standard trimmers. With that, let’s take a closer look at some of these brands…

Remington MB6850 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer Product Review and Company Background

Product Review 

First up, we tried the Remington MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer.  Right away, the Remington looks impressive. The vacuum kind of looks like a Dyson. It comes with a little comb, as well as a clipper blade and the lubricant to take care of it. There’s also a brush. As far as quality goes, it’s got a cool, chrome-like look to it that really reminds us of a vacuum. It feels fairly durable, but it’s plastic, so there are pieces to it that look like they could break. There’s a little pocket where the hair goes that makes cleaning up very easy. And, the vacuum seriously feels like it was made by Dyson! 

Product quality rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 9; Tyler: 7

Ok, now on to cutability! For RT, the Remington was pretty smooth. He didn’t feel the blade catch at all, even when he was pressing down really hard. He went for a shorter, smooth dial — setting the trimmer at four. In the end, there was just a bit of stubble left — overall, extremely efficient. Tyler went for a six setting, and he had a pretty good experience too. 

Cutability rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 8; Tyler: 7

Last but not least, let’s review the vacuum’s effectiveness. There were some trimmings that were left behind, but the suction was pretty good — it made way less mess than a regular beard trimmer with no vacuum. It wasn’t perfect, but clean up was much, much easier. 

Suction rating on a scale of one to 10:  RT: 8; Tyler: 8

Company Background

You’re probably already familiar with Remington — it’s a household name, a company that was established in 1937. It’s currently owned by Rayovac after they purchased Remington in 2003 for a big chunk of change — $165 million, to be exact

Remington was founded by Remington Rand in New York, but the world headquarters are now in Middleton, Wisconsin. Here’s a fun fact: The origins of the “Remington” name date back to 1816 and a firearms maker with the formation of E. Remington and Sons. They started with firearms, but also made products like sewing machines and farm tools. The most significant side venture was when inventor Christopher Sholes persuaded the firearms company to help him develop the typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard, which is still the standard today. 

This Remington Vacuuming Beard Trimmer is priced around $50 on Amazon

We’ll review the other models before delivering our final verdict on the best trimmer, but Remington’s model definitely set a high bar. Now, on to the Wahl model…

Wahl 9870 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer Product Review and Company Background

Product Review

We were both stoked to try the Wahl 9870 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer. This trimmer looked super legit: It’s the kind of trimmer you might see in a professional barber shop. 

Right away, we noticed that this trimmer is much more shiny than the Remington, and that it has a smaller head. The handle is about the same weight as the Remington, though, and there’s no guard. This is definitely the trimmer made for professionals. 

Product quality rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 10; Tyler: 9

RT felt like the Wahl was sharper than the Remington, and was cutting pretty efficiently. The smaller head made him feel more comfortable using it, but at the same time, there was hair…everywhere. So on one hand, the smaller head was made for a more precise trim — on the other hand, the suction (see below) made it difficult to cut smoothly. 

Cutability rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 7; Tyler: 5

Right off the bat, there was hair everywhere. Lots of shavings did not get picked up by the vacuum. Despite the fact that the vacuum was super loud, it wasn’t doing much to keep shavings under control. It looked like we had murdered a small animal when we saw how much hair was spread around the room. 

Suction rating on a scale of one to 10:  RT: 2; Tyler: 2

In general, this product felt more luxurious than the Remington, but didn’t net the same results as far as function. 

Company Background

The Wahl brand was founded in 1919 in Sterling, Illinois, where the company headquarters is still located today. The company founder, Leo J. Wahl, was the father of the electric beard trimmer. In 1911, he discovered the electromagnetic motor and soon realized that he could use this type of motor to make a medical massager for his uncle, J. Frank Wahl. Leo started selling his invention to barbershops, and in the process, learned that there was a big market for improving barber tools by using this type of motor. In 1919, he founded Wahl Clipper Corporation — and the rest is history. 

The Wahl Vacuuming Beard Trimmer is priced around $60 on Amazon. We didn’t mention this in the beginning, but all three models are reasonably priced under $100. Affordability is key. 

Hatteker Clipper/Trimmer 5 in 1 Product Review and Company Background

Product Review

Full disclosure: We made a mistake in including this trimmer in today’s experiment. This trimmer is NOT a vacuum trimmer! It ended up in our Amazon cart by the power of suggestion — the algorithm suggested this beard trimmer, and because it had so many five-star reviews, we didn’t even read the product description before clicking “buy.” That’s our mistake.

Even though this beard trimmer doesn’t have a vacuum, we can still give you our honest feedback. The Hatteker beard trimmer comes with this awesome little stand, and it has nose clippers. It comes with three different sized heads — a tiny one, a medium-sized one that’s about the same size as the Wahl, and one that’s about the same size as the Remington. Lots of options there depending on your preference. 

What we also liked about this trimmer was that it tells you how much time is left before the battery runs out. Our only feedback is that there’s a little button that you have to push to slide the head up and down or the guard up and down. It seems like that piece could easily break over time. We took a few points off for that. 

Product quality rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 8; Tyler 9

If you are happy to use a trimmer without a vacuum, this product cuts like a dream. It was by far the best shave out of all three trimmers we tried. It just has absolutely awesome power. 

Cutability rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 10; Tyler: 10

There’s no vacuum on this trimmer, so we’re going to have to go with zero. In all honesty, there was as much hair everywhere as there was with the Wahl trimmer, which is not a good reflection on the Wahl vacuum. 

Suction rating on a scale of one to 10: RT: 0; TA: 0

In the end, we decided to treat the Hatteker as a control to see how effective the vacuums really were on the Remington and the Wahl. Overall, this was a good value trimmer: It performed well, came with a stand, and was half the price of the other options. 

Company Background

The Hatteker Clipper/Trimmer 5 in 1 is manufactured in China by a company that was started just three years ago. There’s not a lot of information about the company online, but this was by far the cheapest option, priced at around $35 on Amazon.

The Final Verdict and Beer Score

After trying all three models, our final pick for best vacuum beard trimmer is…drumroll please… the Remington MB6850 Vacuuming Beard Trimmer! The Remington offered the best in terms of vacuuming. The Wahl has been known for decades for making an amazing blade, but they just can’t compete with the suction power of the Remington. The Remington is just awesome. That said, if you live alone or you live with someone who doesn’t mind a mess, definitely check out the Hatteker. 

Of course, we had to give our other final score — the Beer Score (AKA which founder we want to find and have a beer with). This was pretty interesting because the Wahl company is still run by a member of the Wahl family. We looked him up on LinkedIn; his name is Brian Wahl, and he’s either the grandson or great-grandson of Leo Wahl, which is pretty cool! He went and worked for a couple of other big corporations for five years before coming back and joining the family business. We’d have a beer with him just to hear more about his story and how he was groomed to take over the family business…pun intended. 

There you have it! If you learned something today, we would love to hear from you. Take a screenshot of the episode and share your greatest takeaways with us on Instagram, @productsworthtalkingabout. If you want to see the results of our shaving experiment for yourself, watch the whole video here. And if you love the show, make sure to subscribe on YouTube so that you can get new content delivered to you directly! 

Thanks for reading! Until next time—

RT and Tyler 


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