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Reduce Stress and Anxiety with the GOAT | Founder Interview with Rachael Hobley of Green Goat

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If you subscribe to our show, you may recall an episode back in 2020 in which we went into detail about CBD and which brands stood out. In this post, you’re going to learn even more about CBD and developing a CBD brand from Rachael Hobley, co-founder of Green Goat CBD.

We talked to Rachael about how she and her business partner founded Green Goat, and along the way, we learned a lot of great information about CBD, rebranding, and the importance of following your soul’s direction. In this post, you’ll also discover some great CBD products that can help relieve anxiety and address other physiological issues. Let’s dive in.

Company Background: Green Goat CBD

Rachael first came up with her Idaho-based company after experiencing positive effects from a CBD product. CBD helped her with chronic headaches that she had experienced since childhood. She also found that she could use it to treat a variety of ailments:

“I was shocked that it worked. In my whole life, they tested my eyes, my heart rate, blood pressure, all the different things and never could find out why I would get headaches like five to seven times a week. … I was down with my grandparents and cousins and stuff. And someone said [they had a] backache, [and] someone [else] said [they had] headaches. Someone said their knees hurt. And [I was] like, ‘[Try] CBD.’… And then [later] I thought, ‘If I’m selling this, I should start a business.'” – Rachael

Rachael’s epiphany to start Green Goat CBD came while she was struggling to figure out what she should do in the next phase of her life. At the time, she was tutoring English online, but she felt that she needed to be doing something else:

“[I felt that] I’m supposed to be doing something, and I didn’t know what it was. So I wrote down everything that I wanted, like how I wanted my life to feel and look. And it was the next day I woke up [at] … 5:00 AM with CBD on my brain. … So I started Googling that day, and that night I was at Steven’s house, and he said, ‘[Do] you want a business partner?’ I was like, ‘There’s my sign.’ And we just never looked back.” – Rachael

Rachael enlisted the business expertise of her childhood friend, Steven Wood, and began developing her business. They developed their brand and came up with their company’s name Green Goat. “Green” represents Rachael’s appreciation of nature, and “GOAT” is an acronym that Steven wanted to incorporate into the brand, meaning “greatest of all time.” 

Since forming Green Goat CBD, Rachael and Steven now primarily market their products to women who struggle with anxiety, but everyone can experience the benefits of their quality CBD products. 

What Is CBD? 

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard numerous mentions of CBD, but what is it exactly? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s a cannabinoid, or chemical compound, found in hemp. Rachael expertly explained how CBD affects the human body:

“[CBD] works in our bodies because we have an endocannabinoid system called ECS. … When we take the CBD, it goes in and works with that system because ECS uses and produces cannabis. So that’s why it feels like the snake oil that works for so many things because it works with one central system that then works to bring balance to the other parts of our body.” – Rachael 

The endocannabinoid system signals different nerves throughout your body. It affects your central nervous system, and it influences you psychologically, emotionally, and cognitively. Although CBD affects many parts of your body, Green Goat primarily markets its products for relieving anxiety. Rachael explained that CBD is an effective alternative to traditional anxiety medications: 

“When you take anxiety medication, it just feels like we’re putting this big blanket [on] top [of us] just trying to mask [anxiety]. And when you mask that, it kind of blocks off all the other things. There [are] so many side effects. … When you take [CBD], it just feels like this absence of anxiety, but it’s not affecting any other part of our emotions or how we’re feeling.” – Rachael

People often mistake CBD for other cannabis products and believe that it can get you high and is illegal in some states. Rachael explained that CBD contains minimal THC and is legal throughout the United States:

“CBD comes from the hemp plant. … The hemp plant [has] low THC [and] high CBD. So when it’s processed, you’re down to hardly any THC. …. Some of the properties of [CBD] counteract the high that THC gives. So even with a little bit of the THC left in the product, you don’t feel high. … It’s legal in all 50 states. … 0.3% THC or less is the federal regulation, and then … [states] have their own regulations. Some have [THC] completely banned.” – Rachael

Many states still have heavy restrictions against THC, including Idaho. Because of the THC restrictions, Green Goat currently only sells online and doesn’t have a storefront. 

Rachael’s company sells CBD products containing trace amounts of THC as well as THC-free products. CBD products that contain THC are known as “full-spectrum,” and CBD products that do not have THC are known as “broad-spectrum.” Both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products can help users relieve various physical and emotional ailments. 

Taking the Lead as a Small Business Owner

Rachael and Steven’s CBD company experienced incredibly slow growth during its initial stages, but Rachael felt inclined to persist and continue growing the company:  

“I kept doing it because it felt right every single morning. … We just tried to stay focused on the little bit of growth. … And then as soon as we weren’t feeling the little bit of growth, … [we thought,] ‘What do we need to adjust within ourselves?’ … And so that was last summer [we] redirected things.” – Rachael

Rachael felt discouraged when Green Goat stopped growing, and she experienced a moment in which she felt like giving up on their business. She almost texted Steven that she wanted to exit Green Goat, but her mother encouraged her to keep working on the business:

“[My mom] told me don’t quit. … She says, ‘I just don’t feel like you’re supposed to.’ I’m like, ‘Ugh, I don’t really feel like I am either.’ But I was just so frustrated.” – Rachael

The day after Rachael’s conversation with her mom, Steven asked Rachael to take the lead in their business: 

“[Steven] said, ‘I feel like I’m supposed to hand the reins over to you, and I’m going to just sit back. … I’ll still be your partner, but I just [feel] like you’re supposed to be leading this.’ … I remember [having] my hands over my face, I’m like, … ‘I’m going to lose all of our money. I can’t do this.'” – Rachael

Despite her reservations, Steven successfully convinced Rachael to steer the direction of their company. Rachael shifted the direction of their business by rebranding and marketing their products through a social media influencer. They also shifted the focus of their marketing specifically to women suffering from anxiety. Their investment in rebranding and niche marketing ultimately led to faster company growth. Rachael noted that a critical part of their business’ success resulted from them following their internal direction: 

“We follow what’s happening in our souls, where [our souls are] pulling us. … I stepped [into leadership] even though it was scary. And as soon as we’re … in alignment, everything just like … lands in your lap. So everything took off for us.” – Rachael

Throughout their journey in growing their CBD business, Rachael and Steven felt that their path was taking them in a particular direction. When they followed their intuition by not giving up on their business and having Rachael lead, they were able to grow their business significantly and leave a positive impact on others. 

The Future of Green Goat and Notable CBD Products 

Rachael is truly excited about Green Goat’s future and is looking forward to helping more people struggling with anxiety. She now provides her customers with additional tools for combatting anxiety, including hypnotherapy: 

“I’ve been incorporating the mindset aspects to social media. Like I’m sharing [with] them … different ways they can step out of their anxiety because CBD is a tool for anxiety, but it’s not the whole toolbox. … Two weeks ago, [we had] our first Zoom hypnotherapy session with Green Goat customers.” – Rachael

In addition to offering helpful mindset and hypnotherapy tools, Green Goat has released great products that address issues not related to anxiety. They offer a wide range of useful CBD products worth checking out, but we especially love their CBD Joint & Muscle Pain Balm. This balm is perfect for addressing recurring aches and pains. 

We also recommend Green Goat’s Herbal Lip Balm, which is excellent for chapped lips. It comes in various flavors, including Natural, Coconut, Orange, Peppermint, and Vanilla.

While Green Goat products are great for treating specific issues, like physical pains and anxiety, their products are also effective for improving your sleep: 

“We recently just changed the formula, so it has CBN [cannabinol] in it. … A positive side effect for a lot of people who take the oil notice that they’re sleeping better when they’re not necessarily taking it for sleep. … CBN is another cannabinoid, and it specifically helps with restful sleep.” – Rachael

We encourage you to keep track of the Green Goat as they continue releasing more helpful CBD products. You can follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with new products as well as additional tools for relieving anxiety and other pains. 

We want to give a big thank you to Rachael for being on the show. If you want to learn more about Rachael’s journey and Green Goat, you can watch the full episode on YouTube. 

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