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Finding the right software and tools to run your company can be a daunting task. Yet finding the right tool can sometimes 10X your business’ income. We’ve put together a curated list of the tools and websites we currently use and strongly recommend.  


Finding the right software and tools to run your company can be a daunting. Yet finding the right tool can sometimes 10X your business. We’ve put together a curated list of the tools and websites we currently use and strongly recommend.  



SpyFu is our starting point when researching a competitor or prospective business idea. It has dozens of PPC keyword research tools, Quality backlinks filtering tools, Adwords keywords advise for your campaigns & much more. 

SpyFu also makes Nacho Analytics which is an amazing tool. It allows you to get Google Analytics data from your competitors. This has been a recent addition to our software suite but has proved to be extremely valuable.

Jungle Scout

We were introduced to Jungle Scout several years ago when Tyler started his first FBA company. The original software was a Chrome extension that gave estimated sales revenue for products on Amazon. Since then, Jungle Scout has released several new tools that allow you to find profitable niches or single products. These are a great suite of tools for developing an FBA company or to analyze prospective concept ideas. 


Its hard to put into words what a powerful tool SEMRUSH is. Its a great resource to start your product research but also great if your an established company. It gives you invaluable data on your competitors and allows you to see what keywords they are ranking for, where their referrals are coming from and about 10,000 other data points. We 10/10 recommend SEMRUSH.


Legal Zoom

Legalzoom is our go to legal resource for creating an entity or IP filing. They are not a law firm, but can connect you to a lawyer near you if you need one. We’ve used them countless times including for personal items such as wills and deeds. 


Design Pickle

Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design service that charges a flat monthly rate. This service has been a game changer for our business! The main reason its had such an impact is our ability to conceptualize a product, marketing concept or idea without the exorbitant design costs. 

99 Designs

99 Designs is a logo and branding company that allows you to submit your project as a contest or hire a designer. They’ve evolved over the last few years to offer a variety of different services and options. This is a great, economical service that you can use in the conceptualization phase of a brand. 


Naming a brand or product can be a daunting process. Squadhelp allows you to submit naming contests to thousands of creatives. They also offer a marketplace of existing names and logos. 


We recently switched to SiteGround after a bad experience with another hosting company. SiteGround made the migration of our website incredibly seamless and the speed of our site has increased nearly 50% since switching. 


Shopify is the king of ecommerce! We have built dozens of Shopify sites and can’t say enough about the customer service, ease of use and ability to add on apps. Its great for the small startup and has the capacity to grow with your company indefinitely.


best Stand alone option for funnels

Click Funnels

Its almost difficult to put into words the just how robust this tool is. At the core, Click Funnels is an email automation tool. Whats unique about it however is the companies training. They literally have created an entire university dedicated to teaching you how to create sales funnels. This is in addition to the free books they provide and a massive Facebook group. Although, we would consider this an advanced tool, the free training alone is worth exploring Click Funnels.

best comprehensive option


When it comes to email marketing, there are a ridiculous amount of options on the market. Lucky for you, we’ve used just about all of them. We chose ActiveCampaign as our favorite for a mix of reasons. Its budget friendly, has a great user interface and works well for both ecommerce sites as well as content sites. In addition to having some great features, their customer service is hands down the best I’ve every dealt with. 



I can’t tell you how excited we got when we found Airtable. It’s one of those tools that instantly makes your life and business run smoother. Essentially it’s a spreadsheet on steroids. It has the ability to integrate with a number of other applications. What’s really nice is they have a library of prebuilt templates to get started. This one is a must! 



We knew nothing about creating a podcast when we started. We researched several dozen hosting companies before we settled on PodBean. The primary features that sold us was the user interface, the attractive website integrations and the advertising platform they had available. 


Ninja Outreach

Influencer marketing is HUGE! Its also safe to say that there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Unfortunately, most companies never get the ROI they were hoping for because of how they approach influencers. Ninja Outreach is a great tool to organize and manage the conversations between your company and partners. They also have a great tool for finding influencers within your niche. 



Print on demand is one the lowest cost business models we’ve ever been a part of. The key though, is finding a print provider that you can trust. We’ve used Printify for years and we can honestly say they have out performed every other provider we’ve tested. They have an amazing interface that is intuitive and works flawlessly with Shopify. 



Viral campaigns are rarely discussed as a viable marketing tool for most brands. From experience however, when can tell you this is the best ROI marketing activity we do for our companies. Essentially UpViral has built a program that automates this process and makes it much easier to execute. If done correctly, this campaign can add 10,000 or 15,000 qualified emails to your list. 

FACEBOOK ADS MANAGEMENT is an extremely powerful set of tools designed to make your FB ads more effective. Before we used this software, it felt like we were always at a disadvantage with our FB ads. We didn’t have the dedicated team or large budgets that our competitors had. We can honestly say this software has leveled the playing field and we are seeing substantially better ROI from our ads. 

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